You Can Print Colors On T-Shirts With An Ink-Jet Printer?

Most people opt to purchase a custom shirt online is because of the message that resonates with them. There are lots of quotes design that are being sold in the market that somehow represents each person’s character, experience, and innate self. Moreover, a lot of people are into a minimalist style nowadays, and purchasing a custom shirt with a simple design makes them feel good. On the other hand, there are individuals who wanted to show their quirky side, and buying a multi-colored design custom shirt will boost their personality.

Whatever your reasons for buying printing colors on t-shirts you have to admit that this is the new trend now, and it could last for many years. Since the shirt is one of the basic things that people use every day and caters to all individuals in different age groups, many business owners see this as a huge window to earn money. By creating designs, promotional items and other artwork that is associated with their company as a marketing strategy, the company’s sales will keep on rising.

If you are one of the people in this world who are aiming for success in the world of printing colors on t-shirts there are a lot of things that you need to understand in this field.

Different shirt printing machine

As far as the shirt printing business is concerned, you can use different techniques to complete a printing project. While some people prefer certain techniques and others are using different methods, you can always go for the basic one to learn. Here is the common shirt printing machine that is available to use for beginners.

  • Screen printing machine. Screen printing machine involves screes, dryer, pressing equipment, and exposure material unit. The screen printing technique is very famous around the world. These are one of the best user-friendly technique that workers prefer to use because it is simple to maneuver. You only need to spend few minutes learning how it works, and you can complete a task already.
  • Inkjet printer method. This technique consists of the inkjet or laser printer, heat press equipment, and transfer paper. Just like heat-press, inkjet or laser printer method is also popular. The advantage of this technique compared to screen printing is, that it is great for digital images and you can use more colors. Once the image is printed on a transfer paper, you can use this to transfer the image to the shirt with the use of a heat press.