You Can Print Colors On T-Shirts With An Ink-Jet Printer?

Most people opt to purchase a custom shirt online is because of the message that resonates with them. There are lots of quotes design that are being sold in the market that somehow represents each person’s character, experience, and innate self. Moreover, a lot of people are into a minimalist style nowadays, and purchasing a custom shirt with a simple design makes them feel good. On the other hand, there are individuals who wanted to show their quirky side, and buying a multi-colored design custom shirt will boost their personality.

Whatever your reasons for buying printing colors on t-shirts you have to admit that this is the new trend now, and it could last for many years. Since the shirt is one of the basic things that people use every day and caters to all individuals in different age groups, many business owners see this as a huge window to earn money. By creating designs, promotional items and other artwork that is associated with their company as a marketing strategy, the company’s sales will keep on rising.

If you are one of the people in this world who are aiming for success in the world of printing colors on t-shirts there are a lot of things that you need to understand in this field.

Different shirt printing machine

As far as the shirt printing business is concerned, you can use different techniques to complete a printing project. While some people prefer certain techniques and others are using different methods, you can always go for the basic one to learn. Here is the common shirt printing machine that is available to use for beginners.

  • Screen printing machine. Screen printing machine involves screes, dryer, pressing equipment, and exposure material unit. The screen printing technique is very famous around the world. These are one of the best user-friendly technique that workers prefer to use because it is simple to maneuver. You only need to spend few minutes learning how it works, and you can complete a task already.
  • Inkjet printer method. This technique consists of the inkjet or laser printer, heat press equipment, and transfer paper. Just like heat-press, inkjet or laser printer method is also popular. The advantage of this technique compared to screen printing is, that it is great for digital images and you can use more colors. Once the image is printed on a transfer paper, you can use this to transfer the image to the shirt with the use of a heat press.

Ordering Custom T-Shirts: Everything You Need To Know

Are you planning for a gathering for your team? Do you want to promote your company by doing this? If you are, then you might want to check out some of the best companies that offer customized items that you can wear or use during your get-together. However, there are things to consider before placing your order. In this way, your plan will be executed carefully, and you and your team will be on the same page on that special day.

Team-building is one of the most exciting events for workers and employees because it means you wanted to know about them better. Also, each member of the team wanted to learn more about the team that they are working with. It is like boosting the spirit of the team as well as building a camaraderie.

If you are looking for an item that will spice up your team-building while promoting your company, you might want to have custom t shirts for the trip. You can even order two designs for a different shirt with different colors. In this way, you are exposing your company to the eyes of people who are not yet familiar with it.

Things to remember before placing your order online

Before placing your order, you need to make sure if everyone is on the same page as you. In this way, the expectation of everyone is set, and there will be no complaints. Here are the things to remember before placing your order.

  • Choose a trusted custom t shirts company that will provide you what you need. Picking a random company to do the job will somehow put you on the edge, especially when you have a limited time frame. Check out first the review of the people who have tried the service, and ask for a time frame when they can complete the project. It is better to choose a company that has transparency when it comes to its deadline.
  • Choose the right shirt. Before placing your order for the project, you need to get the size of everybody. Since there are different sizing when it comes to shirts, it would be best if you buy some samples of different sizes and let them try them on. 
  • Choose a design. Aside from the logo of your company, you have to choose the best design that represents your team. Also, depending on the theme of your team-building, you can make the design in line with it.

Logos or Slogans? The Best Graphics to Use for Promotional T-Shirts

Today, a lot of t-shirt printing designs are available online and thousands of t-shirt printing stores will offer you various designs that are really appealing and attractive. You can have either logos or slogans on your customized t-shirts. However, the question is, “what type of graphic is best for promotional t-shirts? Is it logos or slogans?”

In this generation, vector images on t-shirt printing is the most advanced technology. In this kind of printing, an image is printed on a high-resolution T-Shirt print material using a computer and best to pick if you have on-going promotional projects. This is immensely not expensive because there is no special ink needed and the colors can be mixed together to get any desired result.

In order to make the promotional t-shirts more outstanding to the clients, they should be made in different or unique ways so that they attract potential buyers without difficulty. You can choose between logos or slogans. If your business is known for its brand, logos are the best designs for your promotional t-shirts. Meanwhile, if your business is trying to do a campaign, slogans are the best choice for your promotional t-shirts. When logos are printed on the t-shirts, they bounce some kind of quality and appearance of the product.

If you decide on getting promotional t-shirts for your business, it will help in generating easy product visibility. T-shirts with printed slogans can place your company ahead in the fashion group. Several people know that it is something new and wearing t-shirts with printed slogan is honestly prevalent in today’s new generations of youths and grownups. Your company can similarly be part of the trend with certain slogans printed on your promotional t-shirts. Promoting your business’ brand will never be a difficult task if you will settle with the best technique. So far, people are choosing t-shirts instead of other types of clothes because of its outstanding pros. Therefore, if you wish to have great profitability and high brand awareness, you should start producing promotional t-shirts. Surely, you will not regret this decision.

T-shirts are usually made by using different t-shirt printing strategies. T-shirts are also easily accessible these days because it is more attractive as they can be worn for birthday parties, family get-togethers, fashion shows, promotional campaigns, and the likes. Similarly, they are prevalently worn on several occasions such as centenaries, gatherings, wedding anniversary parties, marriage proposals and a lot more.

Logo Caps: Be Careful Of Trademarks If You Print Your Own

Whatever type of logo you want to print on caps, it is better to be careful about trademarks if you don’t want to get in trouble. In any discussion concerning printing logos, there are several rules that must be consider even before you start printing logo caps. Hence before this article get into the technical aspects of printing logo caps, below is a bit of information that would help you comprehend the importance of considering trademarks before actually printing logo caps.

Trademark permission is an important thing to take note. What is trademark permission? Trademark permission permits a firm or any person to legally use a trademark held by another individual or company. If you are a business owner and you want to help your company increase profits, upsurge brand visibility, and escalate positive customer feedbacks with your brand or service, you must get a trademark permission from a trademark holder. Knowing this and you still tried printing trademarked logo caps, you are doing it illegally. You are certainly using a different person’s trademark and it can puts you at serious risk for legal trouble.

Since copyright law regarded several creations such as art, writings, and photographs in order to have creative works, it is important to strictly monitor copying of other’s original work. If someone used another work such as logo of another company without prior consent, there will be big trouble. Actually, disobeying this law, sometimes, get criminal consequences. Further, the lack of intention to violate such copyright laws is still a serious offense and not a valid defense, on the other hand, the offender might get lesser penalties compare to those offenders who committed the unlawful act intentionally. Many firms prefer to allow their trademarked logos or slogans to be used without any fees, however, this practice is not common for every company and almost all trademark permission generally comes with a huge cost.

Meanwhile, if you are a trademark owner and somebody intentionally violate the trademark-related laws, you can file civil lawsuits against those who violated laws on copyrights. If a court finds out that the offender is accountable for infringement, the offender should pay damages to the original owner of the trademark logo. The sum of damages may rely on the particulars of the case and what the owner can prove in the court.

If the owner can prove noteworthy harm concerning money, the offender should pay that amount, typically measured by the sum of money that the offender gained from using the infringing trademark logos.

What is Direct to Garment Printing?

Custom printing jobs are on the rise lately and are an important source of new business in the promotional industry. The jobs commissioned vary widely, including mugs, keychains, hats, towels, and bags. However, T-shirt printing has always led the way in the industry.

T-shirts can give a person a newer perspective and image especially when printed with statement shirts. That is why, printing jobs with t-shirts are very common in the market, especially with teens.

Printing may come either with the use of silkscreen or digital. One of the most common digital printing is direct-to-garment printing.

History of DTG

DT or direct-to-garment printing originates in the year 1996 in the United States of America. The first-ever printer introduced for commercial usage is the Revolution which was patented in 1996 by Rhome, although this was produced by DIS of Bradenton, Florida. It was only in August of 200- when the patent was approved. After this, a lot of printers had been developed to date.

What you need to know about DTG

Direct-to-garment printing (DTG) is also known as digital-garment printing, inkjet-to-garment printing, or also known as digital apparel printing. All are the same. This is method is highly distinct and unique from heat-press printing.

This method uses an inkjet to transfer the print to the garment. DTG utilizes inks that had been sprayed or plated in the fabric. One of the most vital factors for successful printing with DTG, a garment or fabric must be pre-treated using pre-treatment machines.

Why is it necessary to use a pre-treatment machine:

  • Bonds between the fabric and the inks are stronger and adhered fully. Making the ink, last longer on the t-shirt and prevents fading.
  • Substrates will become smooth. If the fiber is smooth, eventually no loose fibers can be found and inks can adhere fully.
  • Chemical reactions are needed so that the ink can dry fast and curing can be highly efficient.

How does DTG work:

DTG or digital apparel printing works with the use of aqueous inks or water-based inks and will be subjected to the curing process. When using this kind of printing, you have also to consider the kind of fabric likes: bamboo shirts, cotton, linen, or other kinds of hemp.

The shirts now will undergo pre-treatment, they will be placed in a platen system to secure the shirt in place. The design will be digitally printed on the t-shirt.

Pens With Your Logo On Them? Don’t Those Just Get Lost?

Companies tend to be generous when handing out gifts to their customers when they use promotional items. Those products let companies advertise their brands and logos while also providing value to the recipients, whether they’re given out at conferences, fairs or at just the reception desk of an office. So it’s a win-win situation. But gone are the days of paperweights and other old-fashioned items. The trend now is to hand out water bottles and other tech items. Paper weights do nothing more than drag down a company when the world is going paperless.

How About Pens

If paper weights are out of the question, why consider pens. It may seem less useful and has the attached notion that it gets lost easily. It only functions with one task, to write and given the digital world, it may seem absurd to choose pens as a gift. But consider this, why not attach a stylus to the usual pen so it now carries two functions and is now following the trend of technology.

Users can now depend on the pen when using tablets, phones and laptops.  It is a big level up considering it would lessen the use of fingers so less smudges over the phone’s screen. Styluses also will help the ease of use of applications in the phone like emails, notepads and even games.

How to Not Lose Pens

Almost everyone has this problem. So if a company will consider pens with styluses, then the problem remains. It would get lost often. But the other side of that coin is, since it is an advertising tool also, the next user or those who would see it on the floor, would get a view of the logo or brand of the company, and based on the way the ad is presented, may spark people’s curiosity.

But thinking of the not losing the pen part, there are still lots of solutions. One could be the use of lanyards. Pens may be used at the bank or it can be borrowed a lot and the borrower may unknowingly put it in their pockets. But if it comes with a lanyard, especially a personalized one or even one with an ad also, people will lose it less frequently than before.

Just choose he classiest and coolest design one can find for a lanyard. There are also companies that require IDs worn so a lanyard is already a necessity.